Trump’s National Emergency: A Test for the Courts

By: Rexhinaldo Nazarko PROLOGUE: 27 BC, Rome. Octavian Augustus is delegated the power of the Principes, the highest and most authoritative office in the Roman state. His coronation definitively marked the end of the Roman republic, setting a tradition of autocracy which carried on until the collapse of the ancient superpower. But while Augustus dealt… Read More Trump’s National Emergency: A Test for the Courts

An Interview with Wa’el Alzayat

By Mustafa Rasheed This past summer, I was able to intern with an organization called Emgage in Washington, D.C. Emgage is a non-partisan organization that seeks to empower the Muslim-American community by promoting civic engagement, endorsing candidates that align with the interests of the community, and pursuing a like-minded legislative agenda. In my time in… Read More An Interview with Wa’el Alzayat

The Generals

By Mustafa Rasheed The Trump administration’s cabinet and officials have been the subject of national attention in matters of controversy and ideology. One interesting characteristic of this administration is its striking number of military officials in key positions. Appropriately, General Joseph Dunford is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Lieutenant General H.R.… Read More The Generals

Modern Warfare: Are Technology and Mercenaries The Future?

By: Rexhinaldo Nazarko The trends seen in the development of war lead us to come to the conclusions that conflicts have been reduced to smaller scale involvements between the instigators, reducing combat casualties, but have grown in the sense that they engulf broader regions. Meaning, trends show wars with the progression of time have come… Read More Modern Warfare: Are Technology and Mercenaries The Future?

On the United Nations Security Council

By Mustafa Rasheed Formed in the aftermath of World War II, the United Nations Security Council is one of the most iconic bodies of the inter-governmental organization. Understanding the importance of international cooperation, this essay does not encourage a country to secede. Rather, this essay briefly analyzes the flaws in the Security Council and recommends… Read More On the United Nations Security Council