The Ambassador is a student-run Political News/Blog site with the mission of bringing people articulate pieces on a variety of political issues including: Domestic American Policy, Foreign Policy, International Relations etc. The goal of our staff and writers is to provide the public with detailed updates, and clear informative articles on important events that shape the political climate of our world.

Our Staff at The Ambassador is aware of the mass media world we live in, where constant news flashes and a barrage of information are easily thrown together and misinterpreted. Thus, it is our mission to process the political information the best we can, presenting both sides of the spectrum, in order for our viewers and readers to get a better, clearer understanding of how public and foreign policy affect their lives.


Our team is composed of international students specializing in various fields: Ranging from American Politics and Law to International Relations and Economics.

(Published pieces will often be the writers’ opinions and judgment)

Rexhinaldo Nazarko: Writer/Editor in Chief, specializing in International Relations, American Politics.

Mustafa Rasheed: Writer, general analysis of domestic and foreign policy.

Kenan Kabbani: Writer, specializing in International Relations and Geopolitics.

John Locke: Writer, specializing in European and British politics as well as economics.

Armend Topllari: Writer, specializing in American Public Policy, and Domestic Affairs.

Mikel Capollari: Executive of Marketing and Development.

Christiane Radford: Editor and Writer, specializing in Cultural Affairs.

Andrew Uptown: Writer, specializing in Latin-American politics.


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