Presidential Folly and The Cabinet of Cowards

By: Rexhinaldo Nazarko Impeachment has taken center stage in Washington the past few days. While democratic committee staffers and leadership scramble to strategize and prepare the most robust case for impeachment, the White House and Co. strike counterpunches through a trick relatively popular in their arsenal: Institutional discredit. From the failure to comply with recent … Continue reading Presidential Folly and The Cabinet of Cowards


War With Iran: An Unwise Decision

By: Rexhinaldo Nazarko "Five days or five weeks or five months, but it certainly isn't going to last any longer than that," stated former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on the days predating the beginning of the Iraq War. Needless say we look back at this event in history and judge it as one of the … Continue reading War With Iran: An Unwise Decision

US Foreign Policy and the Rational Policy Paradigm

By: Armend Topllari In the field of International Relations, there are multiple theoretical approaches that attempt to predict the actions that states will undertake in order to gain and/or maintain their power in the international system. Many of these theories are structured around the idea that states are considered rational actors; that meaning that their … Continue reading US Foreign Policy and the Rational Policy Paradigm

The Balkanic Mentality and the Urgent Need to Put Aside Nationalism

By: Rexhinaldo Nazarko It is that time of the year for Balkan countries once again. For Albania and Macedonia, June is a month of high anticipation as both countries turn their eyes towards Europe for the green light to ascension talks. For others, the fight for integration and negotiations continue in what is seemingly an … Continue reading The Balkanic Mentality and the Urgent Need to Put Aside Nationalism

Trump’s National Emergency: A Test for the Courts

By: Rexhinaldo Nazarko PROLOGUE: 27 BC, Rome. Octavian Augustus is delegated the power of the Principes, the highest and most authoritative office in the Roman state. His coronation definitively marked the end of the Roman republic, setting a tradition of autocracy which carried on until the collapse of the ancient superpower. But while Augustus dealt … Continue reading Trump’s National Emergency: A Test for the Courts

An Interview with Wa’el Alzayat

By Mustafa Rasheed This past summer, I was able to intern with an organization called Emgage in Washington, D.C. Emgage is a non-partisan organization that seeks to empower the Muslim-American community by promoting civic engagement, endorsing candidates that align with the interests of the community, and pursuing a like-minded legislative agenda. In my time in … Continue reading An Interview with Wa’el Alzayat

Maduro’s Biggest Mistake

By: Rexhinaldo Nazarko It does not take a political scientist, or a Sherlock-level genius to realize Venezuela is not in its golden age right now. The country is arguably suffering its largest political, humanitarian, economic crisis ever since independence in 1811. Due to "single crop" economic policies, or to put it in vernacular, heavy reliance … Continue reading Maduro’s Biggest Mistake

Islamism in the Arab World

By Kenan Kabbani The following essay was submitted to us by guest writer Kenan Kabbani. This essay explores the definition of "Islamism", a brief background into its rise, and its role in contemporary Arab politics and society. This was submitted to Professor Tareq Ramadan's course on Arab Society in Transition at Wayne State University.  The … Continue reading Islamism in the Arab World

Six More Years of Vlad Putin

By: Rexhinaldo Nazarko On Sunday, March 18th, the Russian people took to the polls in order to elect their "new" leader. Unsurprisingly, the elections turned out to be very anticlimactic, with Vladimir Putin claiming victory once again, making this his fourth, and second consecutive Presidential term. The former KGB grasped over 70 percent of the … Continue reading Six More Years of Vlad Putin

The Generals

By Mustafa Rasheed The Trump administration’s cabinet and officials have been the subject of national attention in matters of controversy and ideology. One interesting characteristic of this administration is its striking number of military officials in key positions. Appropriately, General Joseph Dunford is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Lieutenant General H.R. … Continue reading The Generals