First the Americans and Now the Russians: The Taliban as a Political Tool

By: Rex Nazarko Afghanistan is considered "America's Longest War". Official US involvement in the country dates back to 2001 with President Bush's famous "You Are Either With US Or Against Us" speech, propping up American invasion of the central Asian nation. The goal was eliminate the terrorist element governing Afghanistan, otherwise known as the Taliban.... Continue Reading →

Japan’s Pacifism Tested

Japanese history is one of the most intriguing narratives of nations. Spanning a period of almost ¬†10,000 years of archeological records, and evidence, the history of Japan is one of the longest recorded accounts of any peoples. But throughout the course of such an extended time, one could hardly call the nation's tale pacifist. ¬†Apart... Continue Reading →

North Korea’s Wind of Change

In 1990 the Scorpions release their famous hit "Wind of Change" dedicated to the rapid domino effect-like fall of Communism in Eastern Europe. But while the Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain were dealt the final blow, in the far East a regime modeled after a Stalinistic Cult of personality, continued to thrive in North... Continue Reading →

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