On Overconfidence

By Mustafa Rasheed The following essay briefly explores the root of conflict in modern post-colonial countries that are currently ravaged by violence and conflict. Additionally, it explores the imperialist/superior attitude of a superpower over a smaller country through the experience of the United States and Iraq. This is a continuation of a series of essays... Continue Reading →

First the Americans and Now the Russians: The Taliban as a Political Tool

By: Rex Nazarko Afghanistan is considered "America's Longest War". Official US involvement in the country dates back to 2001 with President Bush's famous "You Are Either With US Or Against Us" speech, propping up American invasion of the central Asian nation. The goal was eliminate the terrorist element governing Afghanistan, otherwise known as the Taliban.... Continue Reading →

The Saudi-Iranian Cold War

When the term "Cold War" is used, the past decades of the American-Soviet rivalry and struggle for influence usually come to mind. The American-Soviet Cold War was the most renowned global fight for influence, but there are also regional "Cold Wars" which aim to avoid direct conflict, spread influence, and assert regional control. The ideological... Continue Reading →

North Korea’s Wind of Change

In 1990 the Scorpions release their famous hit "Wind of Change" dedicated to the rapid domino effect-like fall of Communism in Eastern Europe. But while the Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain were dealt the final blow, in the far East a regime modeled after a Stalinistic Cult of personality, continued to thrive in North... Continue Reading →

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